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Thank You for purchasing a MagnatLZR high-quality product. Our products are continuously checked and tested during the entire production process. In case you have problems with your MagnatLZR product, kindly observe the following:

  1.  The warranty applies for 24 months from the date of purchase
  2.  During the warranty period we will rectify any defects due to faulty material or workmanship by replacing or repairing the defective part at our discretion. For hygienic reasons ear buds and the like will be replaced. Any further claims, in particular those for price reduction, cancellation of sale, compensation for damages or subsequential damages, are excluded.
  3.  Unauthorized tampering with the product will invalidate this warranty.
  4.  Consult your authorized dealer first, if warranty service is needed. Should it prove necessary to return the product to us, please ensure that
    • the product is sent back in its undamaged original packaging (or similar appropriate packaging)
    • the original purchase receipt or a clearly legible copy is enclosed
    •  an exact description of the defect is enclosed.
  5.  Excluded from the warranty are:
    • Wear parts
    • Shipping damages, either readily apparent or concealed (claims for such damages must be lodged immediately with the forwarding agent, the railway express office or post office).
    • Scratches or other damages visible on the outside (these defects have to be declared directly to your dealer within 5 days after your purchase).
    • Defects caused by incorrect installation or connection, by faulty or negligent handling (see operating instructions), by overloading or external force
    • Products that were inappropriately repaired or modified by third parties.
    • Consequential damages to other equipments
    • Reimbursement of costs for rectification of damage by third parties without our prior consent.

We will do our best to repair/replace your defect product without delay so that you will be able to enjoy your MagnatLZR product again soon. However we hope for your understanding if you have to wait a little longer than anticipated for your returned product.

Your MagnatLZR Service Team