LZR Soundkonzept

Perfect tonality and captivating audio brilliance

The Magnat.LZR headphones

... are simply brimming with high-tech in every audio aspect. This begins with the complex equalisation of the frequency response in accordance with the latest research findings. Moreover, we utilise a sophisticated laser-based Klippel Analyser system to significantly reduce the distortions caused by the drive system.

The symmetry and linearity

... of the mount have been greatly improved. Another advantage is that the driving force of the magnet system has been considerably enhanced. What are the immediate consequences of this, however, for enjoying music in practice? Optimum pulse fidelity, finely-graduated spatiality and an enormous amount of detail – for listening in a new dimension. The Magnat.LZR dimension.

The bass range makes the music

Perfect Sound

An unbalanced bass range will destroy the overall sound quality of a set of headphones. The classic problem: Either the bass range is very limited and has little presence, or it is mercilessly over-exaggerated. Both of these factors contradict the principles of a realistic, unadulterated sound pattern. Magnat.LZR headphones use a different approach.

An optimum compromise

... between a powerful, clear bass range and a clean, precise graduation has been developed for perfect integration into the overall sound pattern. The rich, deep bass range is a decisive advantage when it comes to use on the go: It cuts out ambient noise, which often drowns out the bass range and distorts the sound experience. The Magnat.LZR series is audibly different - low frequencies are reproduced in a sensitive and multi-faceted manner in any situation.

Experience spatiality and dynamics in a new light

It's only when the sound

... reproduced by a set of headphones is balanced and natural can an authentic degree of spatiality be expected. Moreover, some enclosed headphones do not really sound lively and free when it comes to the level of space generated. The Magnat.LZR dimension, however, ensures a perfect listening experience, even with this complex issue.

Thanks to

... an elaborate design and unique analytics, all LZR headphones offer a balanced, clear reproduction with a multi-faceted degree of spatiality - and an incomparably clear experience with an airy and free virtual sound space. At the same time, the listener is also able to enjoy an optimum dynamic range.

The drive

... , which has been perfected by using Klippel technology, together with the elimination of factors that impair dynamics, ensures a full, vibrant and ambitious sound. An optimum coarse and fine dynamic range is thus another hallmark of the Magnat.LZR dimension.