LZR Design

German Engineering & European Design

Cutting-edge technology and the finest workmanship: These are synonymous with the new Magnat.LZR headphones. The premium claim of this series is underlined by Magnat's work with top European designers. Cooperation with world-renowned design company Pininfarina (for the LZR 980 flagship model) and dwx-thiele, a German design specialist for audio products, has ensured the exclusive look of Magnat's new headphones.

Pininfarina - fine italian design

Magnat LZR 980

The Magnat.LZR 980 series – a technical masterpiece and elegant style icon combined. The design: "made in Italy by Pininfarina"! A legendary design with the highest standards of style and aesthetics. Only sophisticated technology and state of the art production methods have been used.

Technical avant-garde with an optimum auditory performance meets visual perfection. These are not just a set of headphones, but a portable sound sculpture. The timeless, dynamic and vibrant stylistic elements are always connected with the demand for perfect ergonomics.
Pininfarina Extra
Fashion trends are one aspect, timeless style icons another – both cannot be compared with each other. Pininfarina embodies world-famous Italian design like no other company. Pininfarina is not only responsible for the design of countless automobiles, many of which are of an almost incomprehensible value today, but it has also turned its hand to "everyday products". The Magnat.LZR 980 series "designed by Pininfarina" is available with completely different styles. You can either opt for the dazzling, elegant mother of pearl finish exhibited by the white model, or the masculine elegance of the rubber paint finish featured by the black model.
The Italian design specialists from Turin have long since proven their ingenious creativity in all aspects of everyday life: The name Pininfarina is at the very top when it comes to the who's who of designers of consumer goods and industrial products. The extraordinary design of the LZR's packaging has also been developed by the Italians' creative workshop! The expressive packaging used for the high quality designer products and its contents gives rise to a coherent overall concept. This is a corporate design in a Pininfarina style: The high gloss finish, elegant materials and embossing used for the presentation of a unique technical product create a uniform "family feel". A stunning, high quality unit that consists of the packaging and its contents.

Product design made in Germany - dwx-thiele

Technology and design for premium product quality – a combination that makes the Magnat.LZR 580 and LZR 760/765 series simply beyond comparison. Technical perfection in an exceptionally styled package. The premium work of dwx-thiele and owner Helmut Thiele combines ergonomics, modernity and timelessness aspects in equal measure. The self-assured design utilises modern stylistic elements and is reduced to the bare essentials – a minimalist masterpiece. Cool rubber paint finishes, high quality metal components and fine leather parts - even the combination of materials makes the headphones a real Magnat product: High quality, modern, urban.
dwx-thiele clearly distinguishes the LZR 760/765 and LZR 580 series. Helmut Thiele and his team have used the highest quality finishes for the LZR 760/765, which makes the compact business headphones a real fashion accessory. The Magnat.LZR 580 series, on the other hand, is its younger, wilder streetwear counterpart. Thiele himself has gained an almost legendary reputation with the design of home audio components, and he is considered an expert when it comes to ensuring an excellent blend of the best possible sound quality, high functionality and visual appeal.