LZR 980





Magnat.LZR 980 – German engineering meets Italian design

Legendary even during their lifetimes: The Magnat high-end speakers have an excellent reputation, especially among audiophiles – as do the high-end headphones of the Magnat.LZR series. Since 2014 they even come with a legendary design. The world-famous experts at Pininfarina have delivered their latest masterpiece: Italian design and German engineering form a marvelous union in the Magnat LZR 980 designed by Pininfarina, resulting in a unique optical and acoustical artwork. Audiophile sound without compromise and an absolutely exclusive look are the impressive achievement of this liaison. Experience “The Beauty of Sound”.

LaZeR – High-tech in a stylish cover!

LaZeR hear the difference!

LZR – Laser! The whole Magnat.LZR headphone series derives its name from that and commits itself to highest audiophile quality without compromise. Excellent dynamics. Brilliant treble. Rich bass. With the curved, organic design, Pininfarina provides the perfect chassis for the authentic, natural, clear and detailed sound of the Magnat LZR 980. The result: high-end audio in a distinctive design.

Convenient, . stylish, unique

Designed to please the eye. Developed to be worn. The many years of experience Magnat and Pininfarina have in developing products and product designs lead to the construction of headphones which are unrivalled concerning their wearing comfort: The LZR 980 adapts perfectly to your individual shape of head and features an integrated Air-Tec cooling system.

Uncompromising looks and quality!

Magnat.LZR means quality. No exception from that rule. With the LZR 980, this accounts for its acoustical properties, the utilized materials and the unique design: Sensitive hinges are made of metal, the headbands and ear cups have received several coats of lacquer – either in stylish pearly white or cool rubber paint black.

High-end even when it comes to cables!

The audio experts at Magnat and the design masters from Pininfarina have left nothing to chance when developing the LZR 980: Even the cable has been constructed following only the highest standards concerning quality and design. High durability, outstanding transmission quality and the perfect look are the impressive result.

Unique design from Italy


LZR 980 Pininfarina – the essence of Italian design!

Technical masterpiece and epitome of style in one: The Magnat.LZR 980 unifies German engineering with Italian design and way of life. The Design “made by Pininfarina” does satisfy even the highest demands concerning design language and aesthetics. Combined with the unrivalled technical perfection of the high-tech legend Magnat, a unique audiophile product is born. Experience “The Beauty of Sound” with the Magnat.LZR 980 designed by Pininfarina.
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Features + technical details

Frequency response

12 – 28.000 Hz

Sound presssure

(1 kHz, 1 V RMS)120 dB


(1 kHz, 106 dB)< 0,10 % THD

Available Colors

Deep BlackPearl White


268 g


  • Developed in Germany
  • Designed by Pininfarina
  • Metal-Core-Technology
  • Foldable for easy and secure transport
  • Changeable premium tangle-free cable
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