LZR 580





The new LZR Sound - stylish & fresh

Do you want your product to be stylish, cool and modern? But with an excellent sound? Perfect! We have just the thing: The Magnat.LZR 580. Cool colours, a youthful look & a dynamic, powerful sound. The entire series, including the LZR entry model, boasts state of the art technology. All products feature selected components, optimum material and perfect styling. What's that? You don't think style can be comfortable? Far from it: The LZR 580 is also extremely ergonomic – comfort at its best.

Better than others

LaZer what else!

LZR – Laser! LZR means more dynamics, more power, more liveliness. More sound! The series has been developed using ultra-precise laser technology for a transparent soundscape and spatial staging – at any volume! Experience the "Laser Tech Driver" - with crisp, distortion-free bass lines and a clean, transparent treble range. Just typical of the LZR 580!

Stylish & comfortable.

The fit and ergonomics of the LZR headphones have naturally been perfected. Memory foam in the ear cups guarantees an outstanding fit over your ears. Each ear cup fits like a glove. The AirTec ventilation system allows you to keep a cool head thanks to its breathable material & minuscule openings in the ear cups.

Flexible. Robust. High quality.

Practical & flexible. Robust & comfortable. That's the Magnat.LZR 580 series. The colours and finishes are available in four different styles - with a young & fresh look. The plastics used ensure optimum rigidity and resistance to breakage, while the patented headband and hinge system guarantees an optimum fit!

Perfection in detail.

What about weaknesses? The Magnat.LZR 580 series doesn't appear to have any! High-performance is ensured, right up to the cable technology used. The special design and innovative sheathing prevent cables from tangling. The LZR is "tangle-free"! Premium

Product design "made in Germany"


Technology and design for premium product quality – a combination that makes the Magnat.LZR 580 series simply beyond comparison. For dwx-thiele and product designer Helmut Thiele, the design of the LZR 580 combines modern form and function with an urban style.

Features + Technical Data

Frequency response

15 – 23.000 Hz

Sound pressure

(1 kHz, 1 V RMS)118 dB


(1 kHz, 106 dB)< 0,18 % THD

Available Colors

Black vs. BlueWhite vs. OrangeRed vs. BlackGreen vs. Purple


213 g


  • Developed in Germany
  • Designed by dwx-thiele
  • Foldable for easy and secure transport
  • Changeable premium tangle-free cable